DON'T BE A DONKEY is a Texas Holdem Poker Strategy Guide & Encyclopedia. Find rules of the game, Poker terms, common hand names, probabilities of hitting, winning strategies, card rankings, and more! "Don't be a Donkey" refers to the choice players have to either look like someone who earns your respect or look like someone who doesn't know the difference between the Big Blind and a seeing eye dog’s owner. Learn everything you need to know about the game here at - Texas Holdem Poker Guide & Encyclopedia so that you don't have to be a donkey at the table.
Ugly donkey behind a fence
Do you know someone that looks like this when playing Poker?
If you do, be very careful. Donkey Metamorphosis may be contagious.
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What Would a Donkey Do? (Things you should NOT do)
Strat #1 Call every time someone raises the bet. ADVICE: It's okay to fold and it's an important part of the game too.
Strat #2 Attempt to steal the blinds hand after hand. ADVICE: This may work for a little while but it will usually result in you walking right into a very expensive trap. You could end up losing all of your chips.
Strat #3 Call large raises both after the flop and turn in hopes of hitting a gut shot straight on the river. ADVICE: The odds are very low of connecting but the odds are very high that you will not win the hand.

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